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Our team of experienced stylists await you, with years of experience and knowledge, to ensure you receive the best treatment along with re:new’s highest standards.


Hair Cut

Our dedicated team of skilled stylists is passionate about helping you rediscover your true beauty and confidence through our exceptional hair cut services. At re:new, we understand that your hair is an expression of your individuality, and we take pride in offering personalised consultations to ensure that every cut is tailored to your unique features, lifestyle, and preferences.

Hair Dying

Hair Colour

At re:new we’re proud to introduce you to Neäl & Wølf’s luxurious permanent hair dyes. Our stylists have the creative freedom to formulate no fewer than 169 gorgeous shades for you. You can be confident we’ll create the vivid, professional-standard, long-lasting colours you desire.


Your £12 consultation fee will be taken off your first colour appointment. Book your consultation today.


Hair Styling

Let our team of style professionals empower you with the beauty and confidence you deserve, liberating your body and mind, and leaving you free to enjoy life.


re:new Hair + Beauty
Coronation Road
Woodhall Spa
LN10 6QD

01526 352369

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